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Client Feedback

Client: Steve on Apr 23, 2012

"Best SEO contractor i have used thus far, keen to see them consistently evolve with the changing nature of SEO and provide positive results consistently. "

client rating 5 star

Client: Eamon on Apr 19, 2012

"Incredible work was done on this project as always. The contractor went way above and beyond on this project and the results were returned much faster than I anticipated. I will definitely stick with them on any project going forward!"

client rating 5 star

Client: Paul on Apr 17, 2012

"Very Good and hard working team.. thanks."

client rating 5 star

Client: Danny on Apr 9, 2012

"Very detail oriented provider. Giving us lots of good suggestions with professional reports and quick followup. I hope to see ranking improvements very soon. Just started a new project for another site with them."

client rating 5 star

Client: Steven on Apr 7, 2012

"I must say from the beginning to the completion of this project I was thoroughly impressed with the manner in which Tenzin conducted business. My point of contact was always available and would respond to my queries within hours and was also available via skype should i want to speak with him or one of his team. The end product surpassed my expectations and now my site is ranking strongly across all the target keywords we selected and others which I did not consider in the beginning. I plan to work with this firm again on my next project and Im happy to recommend them to anyone whom is looking for SEO expertise."

client rating 5 star

Client: Haiyan on Mar 20, 2012

"Tenzin is a great company to work with. I have really enjoyed working with them. They are very customer focused and take time to work with you. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of SEO. And yes I am using them for another project!"

client rating 5 star

Client: Chris on Mar 24, 2012

"Very helpful in explaining the process on SEO optimization since we were new to the process. I have really enjoyed working with them. They are very customer focused and take time to work with you. I will continue using them and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of SEO. Thanks."

client rating 5 star

Client: Jared on Dec 9, 2011

"Will engage for maintenance work!! Very good workers!!"

client rating 5 star

Client: Drew on Nov 6, 2011

"We are very impressed with the work and communication of this provider thus far in the project. They have excellent communication and always respond to all messages/questions. We are looking forward to seeing the results going forward and working working with this provider in the months ahead. "

client rating 5 star

Client: Marco on Oct 16, 2011

"Rightplace is the right place to get website optimization. Highly recommend working with this team. Their work is full of enthusiasm and results."

client rating 5 star

Client: John on Oct 14, 2011

"This firm is outstanding in their professionalism and respnse time. They took (Jony) the time to teach me about SEO answered all my questions and performed their work. An SEO expert reviewed their report which was delivered on time and I was told they are doiing the perfect white hat work to get my sites on page one of Yahoo and Bing in a few months I highly recomend them as they are very nice people and very professional in their work, You will be extremely satisfied and want to submit additional sites to them for placement."

client rating 5 star

Client: Marco on Sep 22, 2011

"Work was exceptional, would highly recommend them for any SEO project."

client rating 5 star

Client: Eamon on Aug 7, 2011

"As always I will most definitely work with again. Getting ready to set up the next project now. Always a great pleasure to work with!"

client rating 5 star

Client: Jamie on Jun 28, 2011

"Exceptional job. I knew little about SEO prior to hiring this contractor but their almost daily excellent communication and updates helped me to feel comfortable with the process. They show through a number of different reports, graphs and lists what they are doing and how it will benefit my company's web optimization goals. A pleasure to work with their team as they are always polite, friendly, professional and respond to questions in a prompt manner. Highly recommended."

client rating 5 star

Client:John on May 18, 2011

"Great job."

client rating 5 star

Client:Eamon on May 11, 2011

"Awesome work as always. Couldn't ask for more and will definitely use again and again."

client rating 5 star

Client:John on May 3, 2011

"Great quality work with no short cut. Good communication. Honest and reliable. Thanks."

client rating 5 star

Client: Brad on Mar 29, 2011

"Extremely professional, did as he said would do, great contact, would use again..."

client rating 5 star

Client: Ben on Mar 25, 2011

"Very happy w/ their SEO Knowledge, customer server and overall professionalism"

client rating 4 star

Client: Bernt on Mar 24, 2011

"We are very pleased and recommend rightplace to everyone."

client rating 5 star

Client:Eamon on Mar 19, 2011

"Excellent Work!"

client rating 5 star

Client: Steve on Feb 21, 2011

"Extremely satisfied. I recommend them without any reservation."

client rating 4 star

Client: Steve on Feb 7, 2011

"I'm 100% unconditionally satisfied and recommend this company to anyone."

client rating 5 star

Client: Eamon on Feb 7, 2011

"Exceptional work. Will definitely work with again."

client rating 5 star

Client: Eamon on Feb 7, 2011

"Always produces work as promised and beyond."

client rating 5 star

Client: Eamon on Nov 22, 2010

"I was very satisfied with the work. Will definitely pursue more work very soon."

client rating 5 star



Search Engine Optimization - SEO India

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a technique used to find search engines and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a query. SEO means "Search Engine Optimization." It is the process of acquiring traffic to the "free", "organic", "publisher" or "natural" list.

What does it do?

Search Engine Optimization writing, copywriting or SEO, is a term unknown to many. However, it turns out to be an exciting range of advertising and information. The basic parameters that optimize editors are committed to understanding the behavior of search engine and cleverly presented persuasive information and visual stimuli to sites that then arise most prominently in searches. This is done by inserting keywords in articles, blogs and Web content. Keywords are the phrases that people type into search engines when looking for information, products and services.

From SEO copywriting companies need to gather information about how users look for on the Internet, they have to follow-seeking behavior.If this is not a direct invasion of privacy as a research considers a person's personal e-mail, the fact that these companies are taking and the ability to monitor online behavior is a concern for some. The fact is, however, that the research and targeting human behavior to transform people into consumers is as old as the practice of consumption itself.

Before looking at the "invasion" of privacy online, bear in mind that every poster, chart or television commercial is designed only to stimulate a response in individuals purchase. Advertising agencies had long had psychologists and sociologists on staff to help streamline advertising speak established models of human behavior and thought. For many, it could be seen as manipulative, but someone who works in any capitalist society is complicit in these practices. Every dollar spent is a vote for the system that is now in place, and practices that advertiserís use.

SEO copywriting is simply to analyze the new realm of human behavior online and streamlining articles and web sites so that they not only appeal to men, but increased exposure investigation. SEO India as a company has emerged as a major player in the world of search engine optimization.

It is through the dedicated efforts of its professional and experienced SEO staff got a reputation as the premier provider of IT services for more than allowed in the luxury area. Company to achieve such a reputation takes years of experience and skill sets required in a particular business vertical.

Thus, companies such as SEO India have been providing services to optimize the quality of the site to its esteemed customers over a long period of time. It is to provide such a service quality optimization that a company can create a niche in the growing market of website optimization. SEO involves strengthening rankings in Google and other search engines to make website more visible to users inviting and heavy customer traffic.

It helps place to achieve the fame and reputation in the eyes of Google, then it can move the door on the first page of search results for a search. Very simple and classic that practice is the keyword analysis and competitive analysis, followed by the dedicated work of creating unique content, meta tag optimization and page title.

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