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Question #1: Can I Make Money With the Advocare Business?

Obviously, one of the first things on people’s mind is “Can I make money with Advocare”. I am sure you would agree that most people seek out a business because they want more money. Yes, a better lifestyle would help, but the root solution to your lifestyle is having more money! If you’ve been looking at the Advocare Business, I will be absolutely upfront with you…

No one cares about the Advocare Business… They just want to live a better lifestyle.

There are thousands of people who get on the internet with hopes of making money and then they are terribly burnt out. Why? Because they don’t know how to make money with the Advocare Business and other similar business.

Question #2: Is The Company Legit?

Of course, our industry gets slammed with accusations of being scams all of the time. Just about every internet marketing business out there… if not all, has some type of “Scam” article or blog post written about it… Just Google it!

Even with so many false accusations, it’s still always safe to make sure that the Advocare business is legit… Do they pay their Reps and do they pay them a large enough commission to make a difference in their life? Do they have real products and can fulfill the promises that they make?

Question #3: Does the Advocare Business Have A Great Training System?

Having a good product, compensation plan, and being legit is great and all, but it doesn’t serve the people if they don’t know how to market! If you have that Ferrari, but you have to leave it in the drive way because you don’t know how to drive it… How fun would that be.

So, if you’re thinking about joining the Advocare Business, you definitely want to ask… What can their training system do for me and will it allow me to make as much income as possible? How will they help me get from where I am today, to where I want to be?

To sum up the three questions, here’s what you want to ask before joining the Advocare Business:

Can I expect to make enough money to change my lifestyle, while learning and earning, and trusting in a company that will be around for the long run.

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