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Over the past months I been getting some cool results in network marketing that I want to share with you for your Advocare International business. I have generated over 4,000 leads, attracted over 145,000 business minded people to my little ol’ website and personally recruited over 111 members into my program.

I had to think back to how I did it. What was the one thing that changed everything that is starting to give me momentum now to generate 13 leads a day? I think back to when I was at the BBQ cooking food for my family not to long ago.

It’s not what you think. I was on the BBQ trying to make all our food because I couldn’t pay for out power bill. They put a limiter on our power so we couldn’t use the stove. I didn’t have enough money to pay for rent, food, and bills at the same time. I remember standing there cooking and crying at the same time.

When You Simply Had Enough and Have to Make Advocare International Work

I had simply had enough. I did continue to have struggles for months later. I was about ready to quit this industry. It wasn’t until 3 companies later and finally finding something that I would just plant my stake down in. I decided to go to the company event and figure out what I was missing. How are all these other people getting success while I kept kicking rocks.

I left that place a changed man. I made a decision. I was just sick of struggling so much that I couldn’t handle it anymore. I knew the J-O-B world was not for me and that this was going to be my source of income for my family, for my sons and for my new baby on the way. I deleted my plan B and there was nothing else for me but to be successful in this industry.

I don’t know if you felt that way with your Advocare International business.

For me it was now or never. I stopped worrying about what anyone said. I stopped worrying about what others would think of me and started to take massive action. I knew the money making activities was to get traffic, get leads, and make sales. I started to get laser focused on two sales per day. I started to focus on getting traffic and increasing traffic.

When I think back on the past success I had in anything in my life such as breaking a 20 year old long jump record in high school and becoming a champion pow-wow dancer world wide was simply because I focused and had focused energy.

The Cause of Success

When I broke the record for long jump, three months prior I put in work. I woke up early to run, after school I ran and at night I would train. I did this consistently. I would never stop, I was hungry for success. The year before that I tore my hamstring really bad and it wasn’t as strong as it used to be.

In my mind though I saw myself dominating. I saw myself winning and being a champion. By the time the city championship came I leaped like an eagle and not only did I win first place, but I put my name in the record books. I did this not from luck, not by chance or having someone do the work for me. I did it because I had laser focus, belief, a vision, and I did everything I could each day to make it possible.

I forgot about this passion. I forgot this is what is needed for success in Advocare International or any other business. I did the same thing for pow-wow dancing. I would practice three months prior to the dance season. Practice day and night, I would run and watch videos on YouTube to study. I became a champion this way.

Now a good thing about network marketing is that you do need to work hard but it’s not as hard as training for track and field, not as hard as training for pow-wow but you need the same attitude. You need to have that same drive for you Advocare International business and make shit happen. You have to take what is yours and what you deserve by realizing you are your greatest asset and it is 100% up to you for your own success.

Let me show you the exact three steps I do each day that finally made me break through so you can too with your Advocare International business.

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