Advocare review – A controversial advocare review – seriously?

Advocare Review –

If your looking for a comprehensive advocare review about the products, the company and the potential problems of becoming an advocare distributor, look no further. Were going to be diving right in and answering some of your most burning questions like, what is advocare, is advocare a scam, is there really money to be made with advocare international and what are the potential problems of signing up and becoming a distributor with advocare international.

What is advocare?

Advocare is a health and wellness company that uses network marketing as a way to take their products to the marketplace. When a company or corporation forms they have to make important decisions about how they’re going to take their products to the marketplace. Some companies do this by buying expensive television, radio and print campaigns. All media forms that have become less and less effective, by the way, with the rise of the internet and social media. Advocare international as well as thousands of other companies use network marketing also known as referral marketing or word of mouth marketing to accomplish the same thing. Instead of giving other corporations like ABC or NBC millions of dollars they allow people, advocare distributors to take a piece of the distribution process and the profits by sharing its products and building sales organizations.

Is Advocare a scam?

Many network marketing companies, like advocare international are viewed by some people who do not understand the concept of network marketing, as scams. A ponzi scheme is a scam. That is where money is exchanged but no goods or services are exchanged in return. Advocare has an extensive product line. That alone means its not a ponzi scheme.

Be careful who you take advice from. If someone is telling you that advocare is a scam, look at their results in life. Are they financially free? Or are they broke? Do they have the results in life that you want? A pretty good rule of thumb is don’t take business advice from anyone who’s not successful in business or who doesn’t have what you want out of life. Is advocare a scam? No way, not at all. Anyone who tells you advocare is a scam doesn’t understand the network marketing profession or distribution model.

How do I make money as an advocare distributor?

Great question… Glad you asked!

You make money with advocare international by exposing the advocare products and the advocare business opportunity with people who are interested in ways to improve their health, lose weight or make a side income from home. The problem for most advocare distributors is that they don’t have enough quality people to talk to about the products and opportunity. They are only taught to talk to their friends and family members about the business. But what if they don’t have any credibility with their friends and family members? Or what if they’ve already exposed all of their friends and family members? What then? Well then you would need to go outside the advocare business.

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