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Advocare Review – On May 17, 2019 AdvoCare dropped a bomb on its distributors via email to the network of over 100,000 distributors. In a nutshell, the Advocare company basically told its distributors that they were chainging their business model. For some of the Advocare distributors, this was a major bomb with significant impact to their finances.

AdvoCare has been around the networking marketing industry for a very long time so this was a major blow to the network marketing industry. It basically looks like Advocare decided to change the business model after several covert conversations with the FTC.

Advocare has become well known in the health and fitness industry for years with it’s successful products such as the 10 day cleanse, the jumpstart and the Advocare Spark product lines. Although this is not a review, but just pointing out that in this business, bad things happen and companies are always going to do what’s in the best interest of the company.

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