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AdvoCare Home Business
AdvoCare is an American based MLM company that was founded in 1993 by Charles E. Ragus. The founder chose the name AdvoCare to show his commitment to being an Advocate who Cared for everyone. It is backed by science providing innovative nutritional, sports & performance and weight management of people. AdvoCare has also business opportunities empowering individuals to earn through the selling of the products they produce making it a multi-level-marketing business or a direct sale marketing business. This means that it has the capability of building champions who work hard to sell the products to be financially capable. It is guided by 10 strong principles which they have followed up to date, making them the basis of their success.
Leadership and Community Social ResponsibilityThe Chairman of the board is C.E.O Brian Connoly came on board with a vast experience of more than 30years from Avon cosmetics and is very passionate and has the intensity to empower entrepreneurs. AdvoCare boosts of the best Independent Distributors in the industry making it a highly successful business. It is also a member of DSA( direct selling association), committed to adhering to the association’s ethical codes and Ethical business practices. The company has different programs they run to give back to the community helping in unlocking the potential in children in need investing in them giving them hope, safety, and healthy happy lives. The 2016 national success announced by the AdvoCare foundation is an example of many programs they give back to the community among other upcoming projects.In sports, AdvoCare compensates any sportsperson who endorses the product they use by giving them free product, compensated for their time and appearances The company is also a sponsor to football clubs like FC Dallas, NASCAR- Ford Fusion, College Football-Texas Bowl among other sporting clubs and activities.

Products.1. TRIMTRIM are healthy weight management products. The Trim line of products combined with a balanced diet and exercises will help one achieve the desired weight, helping to preserve muscle tone leaving one well trimmed, toned and healthy. These include among others;* Multinutrient Supplement C(control)* Multinutrient Supplement E(energy)* 24 Day Challenge Bundle*LeptiLean*AdvoCare Slim

2. Active Product LineThese are powerful products developed to help the consumer enjoy the a healthy mind, more energy, and fully hydrated with a clear mind. These include among others;*Spark*AdvoCare Rehydrate*AdvoBar Meal*AdvoBar Snack

3. Well Product LineThe well line offers sound solutions in mental capacity, digestive support, occasional stress and other factors that contribute to key body wellness. These include among other products;*Probiotic FastMelt*AdvoGreens SnackShake*Herbal Cleanse System*OmegaPlex

4. Performance Elite ProductsThese are products that help in increasing toned muscle, energized workouts or help in recovering after a vigorous workout activity. They include among others;*Mass Impact*BioChargeAdvoCare Muscle Fuel*Muscle Strength*Post-Workout Recovery. AdvoCare has business opportunities that one can join and enjoy different bonuses. There are 4 different ways a consumer can get involved.1. Retail Customer- Here you enjoy the products after buying.2. Preferred Customer- There is a discount of 20-30% for every product if you are a preferred customer.3. Distributor- Buy products at 20%-40% discount, then sell them and earn a profit.4. Advisor- If you become an advisor, you get 40% discount on products and gain access to all 5 ways of earning.
The 5 Ways of earning include;1. Retail Profits- 40% product you sell2. Wholesale commissions- Sponsor other distributors and get 5%-20%non every product sold3.Overrides- Earn income on organization volume4. Leadership bonuses- Earn 3%-19.75% on complete organization5. Incentives like trips and pay period bonuses.There are other programs like the Rockie Bonus Program and Debt Buster which is a proven system for debt freedom.For more information on the company please visit their website on; orCustomer services 1(800) 542-4800 orWrite to the; AdvoCare International, LP2801 Summit AvenuePiano TX 75074.

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