Advocare Reviews| Is Avocare really what you think?

This advocare video was made to let people thinking about joining advocare what to expect, what the struggles are and how you could be successful with advocare.

0:40 Is advocare a scam?
1:35 Major problem that advocare reps experience
2:01 2 keys in growing a successful advocare business.

AdvoCare International, L.P. is an American nutrition, weight-loss, energy and sports performance products company. The company was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus and employs around 250 people in the United States. Its corporate headquarters are in Plano, Texas.

The company distributes its products in the United States through a network of approximately 100,000 independent distributors[citation needed], some of whom earn profit on product sales and additional commission from a multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation structure. The company slogan is, “We Build Champions.”

AdvoCare offers more than 70 exclusive general nutrition, weight loss, energy and sports performance products backed by their Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.

Some of AdvoCare’s products are regularly tested for purity and content by Informed-Choice. Informed-Choice. The NFL and NFLPA have partnered with to utilize their “Certified for Sport” program. NSF’s Certified for Sport ensures that sports-oriented products do not contain banned substances. They also conduct safety reviews to evaluate whether the combinations of ingredients in these products might pose harm. None of Advocare’s products have been Certified for Sport.

The USADA posts this warning to those looking into nutritional supplementation; “There is very strong evidence suggesting certain dietary supplements provide minimal, if any, athletic improvement which can’t be matched through proper diet and training, and that the potential negative consequences of taking supplements outweigh the potential positives.”

AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company. In addition to profits from product sales, AdvoCare distributors can earn additional commissions from sales by their ‘downline’ distributors.

According to Advocare’s 2012 income disclosure statement, the average annual income for all active Distributors (before expenses) is $1,781.10, despite many promises of “financial freedom” on their website.

As of July 2013 there are over 334,000 distributors.[citation needed]

Court documents from November 2010 state that there are more than 60,000 active Advocare distributorships.

AdvoCare is an active member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The company was a DSA Award recipient in 2002 for the DebtBuster System in 2008 for the AdvoBus program, and was a participant in the 2010 DSA Code of Ethics Communication Initiative.In June 2011, AdvoCare President and CEO Richard Wright was elected to serve on the DSA Board of Directors.