advocare reviews – Why Most People Will Fail

AdvoCare International, L.P. is a nutrition, weight-loss, energy and sports performance products company. The company was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus and employs around 247 people in the United States. In a statement, AdvoCare claims net sales of under 100 million in 2009[1] and its corporate headquarters are in Plano Texas, USA.

So there are a few thing I am going to cover in this AdvoCare Review.

First, this is an old company, very few companies actually make it past their first 4 years…actually about 95% of all network marketing companies.

So for my advocare review I would give that a +1 in the chart of points.

But old doesn’t necessarily means good. You see, some company actually never grew into momentum and no great leader are interested in coming into those company. It’s not RED HOT. These kind of company hang around never picking up steam and have very little chance to actually go into hyper growth. Still possible though…

Keep in mind that in this advocare review I am not saying that you shouldn’t join this company but more of a caution about the attrition rate.

You see, if people can buy a similar product at the grocery store, I wouldn’t touch it. You want a product that is UNIQUE and that is in an EXPANDING market.

Definitly, it is in an expanding market but in my opinion their product is not that unique.

Advocare Review – Why most people will fail?

Well I don’t believe that the product or the comp plan is the reason why a certain person would fail or succeed in network marketing. Otherwise we would see companies where most people are rolling in the dough and with only a few people actually not making.

That is not the case. Why?

Well, even if I would say to you in this advocare review that their products & compensation plan is the best ever invented, would that make you successful?

You see, no product sells itself. I tried putting my company’s product in the backward and nobody actually bought it.

Your capacity to get your message in front of as many people as possible and establish contact with them is the first skill you should put your mind into. Even if you were to run around, chasing people about your product. What would they do to check you out and your product? They would go to Google!

If there they find you, you are already ahead of the curve.

Advocare Review – Getting your message in front of enough people

So what now?

Well, if I were to start over again, I would have a blog since day 1. I would make sure to build my authority on the internet so that I can give my team a tool for them to market to a large scale once they have put their friends and family in notice.

If you want to take a look and know a little bit more about what I am talking about….