Beachside CEO Weekend News Report: AdvoCare Update, FTC Refunds Vemma Affiliates 2 Million Dollars..

Troy Dooly is an inspirational visionary! He is an Ambassador for Purpose Driven Communications and Wisdom Journalism.

Dooly specializes in Culture Hacking! Designing cultures to enhance the customer experience and increase shareholder value, by guiding C-Suite teams and independent sales & marketing organizations as they craft their true message and making real difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Dooly’s articles, videos, and radio shows are some of the most quoted, viewed, downloaded and back-linked across the internet. Dooly is recognized internationally as a thought leader in the areas of communications, leadership values, marketing strategies, and culture development.

The phrase “Living An Epic Adventure” is more than just words to Troy, it is his creed! He is dedicated to showing everyone he comes in contact with that; the Epic Adventure begins when they leave their comfort zone behind!