How To Market Yourself And Your Isagenix Products in 2018 And Transform Your Life!

Welcome To The Webinar For Marketing Yourself And Your Isagenix Products in 2018.

This Will Transform Your Life!

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In this webinar my good friend Melissa Barlock walks you step by step on How To take Advantage Of Your Network And How To Build A Network If You Don’t already Have One.

This Will Generate A Steady Consistent Flow Of Leads And Referrals To Your Isagenix Business.

It’s Attraction Marketing at Its Best. Through Branding And Appreciation And Celebration Of Others You Will Draw Leads And Referrals To You Like A Magnet.

No Cold Calling, Endless Hours On Facebook And Social Media trying to start conversations with strangers.

No Bugging Friends And Family To Join Your Business. In Fact It Will Be Just The Opposite! Through This Subtle Tactic You Will Have Them Spark Raving Conversations About You And Your Business With Their Friends And Families.

Leads will Be Drawn To You As Referrals From Those That Know You Care. And People Do Business With Those That They Know Like And Can Trust.

With Our CRM and Relationship Building System You Will Also Be Able to Automate Connections With Those In Your Network And Business Keeping You On Top Of Mind Throughout The Year.

We Know In Network Marketing It May Take Up To 7 To 12 Times Of Follow Up Before Someone Finally Decides To Join The Business.

This System Makes It Super Easy And Automated To Keep That Follow Up On Track And Organized.

ITS ALL IN THE FOLLOW UPS. If You Don’t Stay Consistent With Following Up With Potential Leads Someone Else Will And You Have Wasted Your Efforts. …Maybe it just wasn’t the right time for them..But If You Are On Top Of Their Mind At The Right Moment They Are Ready To Join, Who Do Think They Will Call?

With Consistent Follow Up Auto Campaigns You Will Stay On Top Of Their Minds And Show That You Care In The Process.

Those Who Use This System Have The Best Customer Retention In Network Marketing. Customers Engage More, Buy More And Buy Consistently When They KNOW They Are Appreciated By Being SHOWN That They Are.

Distributor Drop Outs, Sponsor Defection And Customer Subscription Cancellations Are A Big Concern In Network Marketing. This System Almost But Eliminates This Concern By Showing The Individual Team Members And Customers That Your Care.

Check Out Our System And The Incredible Testimonials Here:

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

– How To Follow Up Easily, Automatically And Effectively With Leads For Your Business.

– Super Secret Way That Only The Top Income Earners Know About To Get Your Friends, Family And CoWorkers Want To Talk About You And Your Business With Their Friends Families And CoWorkers.

– How To Get Raving Word Of Mouth Conversations Sparked And Spreading Like Fire About You And Your Business.

– Reasons Why It Is So Important To Follow Up And Keep On Top Of Mind With Your Network At All Times Throughout The year

– How To Brand And Market Yourself Effectively So People Are Drawn To Working With You

– How To Attract Sales Instead Of Harassing Friends And Strangers

– How To Build Strong Relationships With Your Current Customers

– How To Retain Those Customer Subscriptions For Years To Come

– How To Motivate Your Team Members And Keep Them Building Teams Productively.

And So Much More…

Be Sure To Listen To The Whole Webinar To Take Advantage Of All The tips And Tricks To Build Your Isagenix Business in 2018 And Get All The Referrals And Leads And Retention You Can Handle!

Check Out Our System And The Incredible Testimonials Here:

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