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Isagenix Acquires Zija

♦Network Marketing Magazine Interview with Kathy Coover:

♦The Tax People MLM

♦Article about Cambridge Diet’s Bankruptcy and Closure

♦ERC vs. Isagenix Prop 65 Lawsuit

♦CHOICE article about Isagenix

♦”Are You Toxic?” Isagenix Promo

♦Dr. Harriett Hall’s first Isagenix Publication

♦Dr. Harriett Hall on Isagenix studies’ legitimacy

Isagenix Study Is Not Convincing

♦More Harriett Hall goodness

Defending Isagenix: A Case Study in Flawed Thinking

Isagenix’s self-funded studies


Isagenix, as reviewed by Natalie Butler RD, LD

Isagenix’s many false claims regarding ingredients and GMO’s

♦Earning Statement

♦Earning DISCLOSURE Statement

♦ANOTHER Earning Disclosure Statement?!?! (Yes, these are all different…)

♦Income Analysis

Income Disclosure Analysis – Isagenix from antiMLM

♦Guide to Becoming an Isagenix Associate

♦Product Introductory Bonuses

♦Full Compensation Plan (Global)

♦US Compensation Plan

♦ANOTHER Earning Disclosure Statement?!?! (Yes, these are all different…)

♦A good general summary of why Isagenix sucks

Isagenix Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

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