Isagenix Truth Bomb! …. What You REALLY Need To Know About Isagenix

Isagenix Truth Bomb! …. What You REALLY Need To Know About Isagenix

Todays’ video is about Isagenix Truth.
The truth you need to know about Isagenix, what I wish I knew and what you need to do with that information once you know it.

So, first of all the true part about Isagenix is that it’s a legitimate network marketing company. Isagenix has been around for a while, has great leadership, great products, great business builders, so if you;re looking at Isagenix now or are already in Isagenix then congratulations …

HOWEVER: Isagenix Truth

The other truth about Isagenix I see is a problem because what most people are taught when they start a network marketing business is to build a list, to build their downline, which will build their business. Now, this I don’t have a problem with. It’s the way that it’s taught that I do have a problem with.

So first of all you are taught to build a list. You need to build a downline and enrol reps and sell products. The unfair advantage that some people have over others is that they are more influential than others, so everything is not really created equal in the beginning.

The way this is done … is you are told to make a list of all your friends and family or people you know such as your hairdresser, the mailman or someone in your sporting group and you approach them. But the problem is that some people have more influence over their warm market than others.

So while a see this as a great place to start, it’s not something that a lot of people can continue using. And if you look at the top producers in your company you will find that they are NOT just using their warm market. It’s a great place to start, but they are not using their warm market only to build their list. They are using other means … perhaps even the internet 😉

Another way to build your list and your business is buying lead lists. There are companies online that sell lists for network marketing/mlm business people to call.

I have personally done this in the past and I know lots of other people who do this too. However, it’s not really the solution in the end either 🙁

Eeek! So what should you do?

Isagenix Truth Bomb! The BEST thing to do to build your list and business is to generate your own leads and I can show you how to do this because I’ve actually had to do it for my own business as well. I have done exactly what most other people have done, which is probably what you’ve done too.

I’ve called all my friends and family … in fact Ive called them several times and they didn’t appreciate it. And then I’ve called leads lists. What I have found to be most successful is generating my own leads and I’m going to show you how to do that.

I can show you exactly how to do this over here:

Once you know how to do this, it can be very simple to implement. I didn’t say there was no work, but the process is simple if you take action. When you have that mastered you can almost have an unlimited supply of leads for your business.

Click on this link to watch a short presentation and you’ll understand what I’m talking about: