Life After Advocare | What Happens After Advocare Removes MLM Model

We are sitting down to share with you our story with AdvoCare from 2012-present day. AdvoCare sent an email to their network of over 100K distributors to announce they would be removing the MLM business model from AdvoCare effective July 17, 2019, giving distributors 2 months to get their house in order.

It seems this house of cards is falling. Adam and Ashleigh share with you:
-Their journey in AdvoCare
-Having their AdvoCare account shutdown
-Red flags with AdvoCare legal team and leadership
-Their transition to online business
-and what life after AdvoCare has been like

Ashleigh sat down to connect the dots and talk about the red flags that lead up to AdvoCare’s silo’d decision to remove their MLM business model here:

Below is the letter distributors received on Friday, May 17, 2019

Team AdvoCare,

We have some significant information to share. AdvoCare is undergoing important changes to our business model.

Beginning July 17, we will continue to pay wholesale and retail commissions based on your frontline customers, but we will no longer pay multi-level compensation. This includes compensation for Downline Distributors or their Customers, as well as Override and Leadership bonuses.

As we transition to the new compensation plan, you can expect the impact to your business to be very minimal. With much of your compensation a result of wholesale commissions to frontline customers, you can expect to enjoy the same great products you know and love, and to keep your current discount with the potential to increase up to 40% over time. You will still be able to earn wholesale commissions or retail profits from frontline customers the way you currently do.

Please know that, even with these changes, AdvoCare remains committed to continuing to provide Distributors like you, across the U.S. and Canada, with exceptional products and the resources and support for a healthy lifestyle and business.

We know that you may have additional questions. Please visit for the latest information about what is changing and how this might impact you, or contact our Customer Service team to address any questions you may have. We will continue to keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

To say thank you for your commitment to AdvoCare, today we will launch free shipping on any order over $149.99 retail. We will also continue to launch several summer promotions and bundles over the summer.

We will navigate today’s challenging regulatory environment just as we have in the past- with a positive outlook. Thank you for your continued confidence in AdvoCare. You are a valued member of the AdvoCare team and we are focused on moving forward in this new chapter together.

Your AdvoCare Team