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Herbalife Labs and the Science behind Herbalife Products, Buy at Discount

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Research Labs Scientists and researchers at Herbalife’s new Product and Science Center conduct testing on new ingredients, delivery methods and products for both nutrition and skin care products. Located in Torrance, Calif, the lab, which opened in 2006 has a team devoted to developing the best products. In addition to our in-house lab, Herbalife has ….  Read More

Become a Herbalife Member, Buy Products Directly

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Interested in becoming a Herbalife Member to buy the herbalife products or if you want to join the business? YES !! This video explains how to do just that in a few minutes online. Herbalife Online Distributor Application: http://www.liveherbal.co.in/herbalife_wholesale_buy_lose_weight_business_028.htm Herbalife Business Opportunity: http://www.liveherbal.co.in/herbalife_wholesale_buy_lose_weight_business_027.htm